Google launches Datally app can help to save your Mobile Data

Tech giant Google has launched Datally, a Mobile Data Consumption Monitoring app targeted at the Andriod users.

That app allows users to track their data consumption on an hourly, daily, weekly and monthly basis, and get personalised recommendations on how to save data.

Datally app has following important features :

You can save up to 30 % of mobile data by using Datally(Google Analysis).

Understand your Usage :

In this app will help you understand where your data is going and it’s show which apps are using data the most and at what times your data is getting used up. It’s also recommend ways to cut down data usage based on your own activity.

App by App Data Control :

Datally has controlling your data usage on an app-by-app. Control and limits data on specific apps while still enjoying the apps you want.

Data Saver Bubble :

Data Saver Bubble is a hidden tool of Datally, which provides real-time update on data consumption of an app in one session and then shows the details on the home screen in a bubble-shaped pop-up.

Public WIFI Finder :

Datally Wi-Fi finder helps you discover public Wi-Fi networks nearby with details like distance, quality of the Network and Ratings. Before connecting, you can see how other Datally users have rated the Wi-Fi network, and you can also rate Wi-Fi networks that you have connected to.

Install a Datally App. Save your Data with your Money

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